8178 Yonge St Thornhill, Ont L4J 1W5 

Dr. Kafai Veterinary Hospital
Provides Veterinary Services For Every Stage in Your Pet’s Life From First Shots...
Our Team
Your pet’s health and vitality is our number one concern
Dr. Kafai Veterinary Hospital
We provide all of the medical services that your pet needs to maintain a long and healthy life.
 We treat your pets like the valued family members they are


Our Hospitalis is a full service animal hospital serving our clients and patients in Thornhill, Toronto, Richmond Hill , North York , and GTA.

Our animal hospital offers services but not limitted to examination, vaccination, spays, neuters, fleas and parasite control, diagnostic tests, Heart Worm test, Laser Surgery, Laser Therapy, X-ray, Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Ultrasoun (Sonography), grooming, Pet Hotel, boarding, consultation, and many others


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